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Thank you for your support for service workers at Stanford.

Nearly 5,500 Stanford affiliates signed our petition, and we have raised over $250,000 in emergency relief. Over 700 faculty signed their own letter of support. In response, the university has extended pay continuance for direct hires and promised to “support” subcontracted workers. However, they have not implemented any changes, contacted unions, or addressed critical issues of healthcare and hazard pay for subcontracted workers.

The University has an obligation to protect its workers. Peer institutions including University of Chicago, Duke, Northwestern, and others are paying contracted workers. Empty and vague promises are not enough — we call on Stanford to share a comprehensive implementation plan with unions and workers.


Students for Workers Rights held a virtual press conference on Thursday, April 23rd, which you can watch here. Speakers included Stanford workers, student activists, Former San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim, CA State Senate Candidate Jackie Fielder, Mayor Michael Tubbs, Congressman Joaquin Castro, and Presidential Candidate Julian Castro. 

English and Spanish transcripts as well as SWR contact information can be found here.