Our Workers 

 "I am stressed about my job and what is going on with coronavirus. I have worked 12 years cooking for the kids and there I see my own family. This is the only job I have and it stresses me a lot. I don't know what I will do to support my family [without this work]. [My coworkers] are a beautiful family, and they worry about me and support me. Thank you to everyone who worries about [service] workers during this time, doing a fundraiser or whatever else. It is nice to know that during this time there are good people, not forgetting about us. I thank God and all of you [SWR] for your help." (anonymous)

For me, it has been a great honor to work at Stanford. I've always admired & appreciated the constant outpour of feeling supported & united with the community here. I would like to thank [our RFs] for bringing so much joy into my life. I would also like to thank SWR for always keeping us in mind, especially through organizing this petition for us. Thank you all, for your gracious support during these uncertain times.