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Support workers who have been laid off due to COVID-19!

Unlike its peer institutions, such as Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern, Stanford has not committed to paying all their workers, including subcontracted workers, through the end of their spring terms.

Since our initial campaign to raise money for SOS row staff members, which raised more than $88,000, around 90 more employees categorized as subcontracted workers by the University were laid off. Students for Workers' Rights is expanding our fundraiser to include all workers, including the hundreds subcontracted under UG-2, Student Organized Services (SOS), and Bon Appetit laid off with zero pay continuance. This puts workers in financially, physically, and emotionally precarious situations in an already turbulent time. Although narratives of individual isolation are important at this time, we implore everyone to collectivize virtually by sharing resources and donating to this fundraiser. 

We want to clarify that this fundraiser is not attempting to make up for lost wages, because only Stanford has the wealth to do so. However, the situation has become so urgent that we are initiating another fundraiser to function as a supplement to address the immediate crisis and whatever costs may follow. 

To further support laid off workers, you can:
Promote our campaign on Twitter (@stanford_swr), Instagram (@stanfordswr) and Facebook  (Stanford Students for Workers' Rights).

Here  is a Twitter campaign guide you can use. 

Sign our petition  calling on Stanford to provide continued pay, adequate benefits, and safe working conditions to all of its employees, including subcontracted workers,

Read our most recent op-ed here  to learn more,Buy a sticker  with all proceeds from sales going towards the fund, Share your stories about the ways service workers have impacted your life on campus here and on social media and tag us! 

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What is Students for Workers' Rights?

Stanford isn't Stanford without its workers. Join SWR to support them!

Students for Workers’ Rights is a student group dedicated to supporting Stanford’s service workers. Founded in 2018, SWR is a space for students and surrounding community members to be involved in the many forms of labor advocacy at Stanford. Our goals include:

  • Forming meaningful relationships with Stanfords’ many service workers

  • Organizing campaigns dedicated to improving workers’ conditions

  • Raising awareness of workers’ issues to members of the Stanford community

  • Working alongside the union to advocate for fair wages, reasonable hours, and more



Students for Workers’ Rights imagines and works towards a radical community where workers are treated with equity, understood alongside students and faculty as essential contributors within the context of Stanford, but ultimately looking beyond the campus and towards a more just world. In pursuit of this vision, SWR organizes workers to build their collective strength, wages campaigns to improve workers’ material conditions, and provides opportunities for solidarity between students and workers.